Where Did They Go?

roadblockRoadblocks are challenging. It may be take a while before you solve the problem. I am still working on a few roadblocks.
Archibald and family disappeared. They were reported to be living in Vesta, Ontario in 1890. I could not find them in the 1900 census records. I double checked the census records and tried the local newspapers but could not find them. One day I discovered a big fat envelope in my mail box. The envelope was from a cousin who my family visited with when I was a child. How did this cousin know I was doing the family genealogy? In the envelope were pictures and an old newspaper article which solved the disappearance of Archibald and family. The newspaper article was from the Evening Times, Little Falls, N.Y. April 27, 1899. This gave me the place and after more detective work I located the cemetery. I traveled to Herkimer, New York and with the help of a grounds keeper from the Oak Hill Cemetery I found Archibald and family.



Great Combo


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Page 800!


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3 Minute Genealogy


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Cite Your Sources

Cite Your Sources

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