Blackberry to iPhone6

Genealogy Apps

I recently changed my Smartphone from a BlackBerry to a iPhone 6. I am trying to adapt to the change. YouTube videos have been a great help in making this adjustment. Please help me out and share your Genealogy Apps for the iPhone 6. What are your favorites? Do you have any suggestions?

Transcribing Documents


In my course work with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies I was transcribing (making an exact copy of the original) documents by hand. To transcribe the long passenger lists I would number each line of the passenger list and begin my … [Continue reading]

Page 800!

I am speaking from my own experience. In researching your genealogy leave no stone unturned. In researching my family surname I happened to come across the maiden name of my great grandmother. The reference was to a book at the Family History … [Continue reading]

3 Minute Genealogy

This is one of the coolest extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers. This is described as "3 Minute Genealogy". I did not believe it until I tested it on my own family tree. You must have your family tree online at It instantly … [Continue reading]