Making Transcribing Easier

In my course work I was transcribing (exact copy of the original) documents by hand. To transcribe the long passenger lists I would number each line of the passenger list. Each line would be transcribed. I found it would take time to transcribe these lists. I searched the Internet for a tool that would help me cut down on the time to transcript. I located a program called Transcript. Here are some features I like about this program:

• The Transcript-en-mainwindow-40free version is for personal use.
• Windows 8, 64 bit version. I use a 64 bit laptop.
• You can acquire an image from your scanner.
• Image (document to be transcribed) and editor windows. Image window at the top and editor window at the bottom.
• Zoom in and out on the image.
• Brightness features to help read the image document.
• Auto save
• Transcript forum to ask questions and find answers.
This program has been well thought out by the author Jacob Boerema. You can tell he is a genealogist and has traveled the road many of us are on. Great program. Jacob Boerema website is located at Let me know what you think about this program.

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